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Signature Scents

Keep special memories alive

Custom signature soaps, candles, bath products and scents for your event or home

Signature Scent

Do you ever wonder why a particular scent can transport you back to a time and place? It's science! Scents travel a more direct path to the emotional and memory centers of the brain. 

Make your home or event special, and re-live those magical memories again and again

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Signature Scents

Work with us to create a custom scent for a unique, unforgettable experience

Whether it's a particular dish, perfume, or something you can't quite put your finger on, you know when you come across a familiar scent. And that recognition can take you right back to a beloved time and memory 

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Product & Scent Options

Choose from a predesign scent or contact us to create your own

We only use all-natural, aromatherapy grade essential oils and clean ingredients

Soap - Liquid and Bar - $6+

Perfume - $30+

Bath Bombs - $5+

Linen Spray - $35+

Candles  - $25+

Your Custom Scent 


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Signature Scents


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About us

We help you create special scents unique to your event, home, or family. Highest quality, aromatherapy grade ingredients, safe for your family and home